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     The calculator below will help you determine how many calories you burn when you run a given distance. You only need to know your weight and the distance you have run. (Note: You can enter decimals for the distance. For example—3.5 miles).

     If you're running to lose weight, remember that the calories you burn each day (through running and other activities) must exceed the calories that you consume each day in food and drinks. The more regularly you run, and the more carefully you watch your diet, the more weight you'll lose.

     Because running forces you to move the entire weight of your body (unlike, say, rowing and bicycling, where you sit on your butt), it's a very high calorie-burning exercise. Tens of thousands of people have used to running to lose weight, and keep it off.

     You don't have to run fast to burn calories. It's more a matter of how far you run, not how fast. Your weight does matter, however, since it takes more energy to move a heavy object than a light one.

     You can use miles or kilometers, and pounds or kilograms or stones (14 pounds) in this calculator. The calculator will convert miles, stone, and pounds to kilometers and kilograms for the calculation.

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Formula used: calories = kilometers x kilograms x 1.036


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