Taylor espich.


     Hey everyone!  This is where I'll be posting blog entries and other random things that I thought I'd put up for you all to see.  Today's updates were a complete redo of the site and a photography page where I'll put up pictures I've took.   I'll try to update this site/blogish thing at least once a week, so Feel free to browse around for new things.

     Also before any of you are tempted to ask I made the above banner using photoshop from the creative suite 2, the rest was created using CSS otherwise known as cascading spread sheets nearly all from scratch. 

       To start us off, I'm in seventh grade and have my 13th birthday coming up on the 28th.  my best friends are Halie o, emily j, jenna a,  caroline r, & my lil' sister morgan.  They're all awesome and I know I'd be able to trust them with anything. 

     I like old sports car models, and I hope that by the time I have my 16th birthday I'll be able to buy an old Chevrolet chevelle model.   Something like this one... 





ŠTaylor espich